At Wilson Williams Fellman Dittman, we represent governments and services “closest to the people” – cities, towns, counties, municipal utilities, and special districts. We also represent a broad variety of public and private clients in specialized practice areas, including:  telecommunications; utilities; zoning and land use; business licensing; railroad law; unmanned aircraft systems law; renewable energy; real estate; commercial law; trucking; and estate planning, among others.

We strive to be innovators and creative problem solvers for our clients’ diverse legal needs. We apply our vast experience and practical knowledge with our passion for public service to deliver for clients, both to assist in their daily business operations and to help them achieve their long-term goals.


Business Values

We are our Greatest Resources

  • We work together as a team, and support one another
  • We collaborate with each other, and grow together
  • We assist our clients by applying the depth of knowledge and collective best practices of our team
  • We continuously learn, listen, teach, lead, mentor and connect

We Work How We Live

  • We approach our work the same way we approach our lives
  • We live and work with integrity, accountability, humility and passionate dedication
  • We are authentic and creative problem solvers who bring our passion to everything we do and who we are
  • We work alongside you, every step of the way
  • Your problems become our challenge, and goal, to solve

We are of Service

  • We strive to make an impact
  • We serve with a comprehensive approach beyond the law
  • We assist dedicated elected officials and public and private management, both to assist in their daily operations and to help them achieve their long-term goals
  • We work for private entities who seek to make a difference in their communities

We are Innovative

  • We strive to be cutting edge, we take initiative and embrace technology and innovative practices
  • We think critically, listen to diverse perspectives, and aim to offer our own unique perspectives for creative problem solving
  • We are eager to jump in to improve a process or solve a problem
  • We use our business acumen to help our clients, and to run an efficient law firm
  • We are hungry, stay curious and push for continuous improvement
  • We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach, or force a “one size fits all” mold onto our clients

We Grow Our Community

  • We naturally connect our clients, our resources, and our professional network
  • We expand our community everyday
  • We are inclusive of people from all backgrounds and walks of life
  • When you hire us or join our team, you join our entire community